Program Description

The Visual Art Department at Germantown Academy is committed to providing a comprehensive education in the arts within the context of a liberal arts education. Our foundation and advanced curriculum is a well-rounded and versatile approach to the study and application of art. It is designed to provide a creatively stimulating education in an open environment of studio classes. Experimentation and innovation, collaboration and social responsibility are themes built into the curriculum. While these courses extend excellent opportunities for the general study of art and life-long arts advocacy, they are also designed to cultivate serious talents in the visual arts. Many of our students have gone on to prominent careers in commercial, fine, and applied arts.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Kandinsky Art and Design Thinking

5th grade students learned about Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky.  Kandinsky connected music and emotion to painting and is considered by many the founder of abstract art.  Inspired by the classical music of Scriabin and Schoenberg, students created their own Kandinsky-like paintings.  Next, the 5th graders ventured outside to create a Kandinsky-inspired mural.   During the following class, students were tasked with a design challenge to help them make deeper connections to Kandisnky.   They were asked to work collaboratively to design and sketch a product or mechanism that would help Kandinsky at some point in his life.  Students connected their experiences to Kandinsky’s and they practiced empathetic inquiry.  Our current endeavor in the design process is creating digitally rendered 3D models of the concepts on iPads.  Using Autodesk’s 123D design App, students are transforming geometric shapes into the structure of their prototypes.  Final details and iterations occur within their development as students educate and evaluate each other throughout the innovation process. This kind of project based learning gives students an opportunity to make deeper connections to artists and processes.  It invites curiosity and creativity and encompasses the direction of 21st century education by engaging students fully, while practicing the elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics or STEAM.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Senior Spotlight: J Sheridan

The Ten

Car rides with good music and the windows down
Good people
Big sweatshirts
Playing in rain
Netflix binge watching
Iced coffee
Beach squad

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Senior Spotlight: A Takei

The Ten

1. Running on trails
2. Comfortable pants
3. Hoodies
4. Wristbands
5. Bananas
6. Mediation
7. Napping
8. Dogs
9. Japanese food
10. League